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APA is recognized as a benchmark of excellence for professional photographers in Afghanistan, as well as collaborated by industry leaders internationally. With a diverse program and outstanding benefits and opportunities, we support you on your road to excellence as you proceed through our system. Supported by training workshops, mentoring, and seminars, we are committed to providing the tools that you need to enhance your personal, professional, and artistic skills.

Being qualified for APA membership is the first and single most important step that a photographer will ever make along his/her journey of continual career development. Becoming a member at the APA will set your standards – needed in this ever-changing industry – and help become a part of your professional reputation and reliability.

APA offers two types of membership: Full and Provisional. Click here to download our Membership Guide to know everything about membership at APA.

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    the information I have stated in this form is complete, accurate and up-to-date in every detail.
    if I have provided false or misleading information, my application may be refused, or, if I have been granted a membership, the membership may be cancelled.
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