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Afghanistan Photographers Association (APA) works in partnership with organizations and corporates to further its mission of promoting the art and culture of photography in the pursuit of creating and nurturing a vibrant society of successful professional photographers in Afghanistan and beyond. In doing so, APA seeks collaboration to provide its members with a variety of meaningful opportunities for service, ultimately, bringing about a change in the society through photographic means and values. Below are our partnership areas:

Corporate Partnership

APA warmly invites corporate organizations and government agencies to become our partners and sponsors to positively influence communities through the power of photography as well as the living and working conditions of that influence the wellbeing of photographers in Afghanistan by implementing key projects, in diverse areas such as development, in the country. Since its inception, APA has built passionate followers and key relationships and networks that may not otherwise be accessible to brands or companies. Hence, APA will provide its business sponsors recognition and visibility through its events and programs as well as through its website and other social media platforms and community outreach initiatives.

Custom Partnership

We at the APA understand that each company/organization has individual preferences and needs; therefore, we want to hear from you and see how we can work together in bringing about social change through the power of photography. Based on our custom partnership, you can collaborate with us to provide career opportunities for photographers, products, services and resources, and professional advice for our programs, events, and community outreach initiatives to collaboratively impact individuals and the greater community.

Interested to partner with us, reach us at info@afghanistanpa.org.